Portable Kit for testing raw, recreational and waste water as well as beverages. One box containing everything you need to perform fast water tests on site.


TRAWAS is a complete portable microbiological laboratory for testing drinking, recreational and waste water as well as beverages. Tests for coliform bacteria and Escherichia coli (E. coli) by the membrane filter technique are the most important routine microbiological examinations carried out on drinking water.



TRAWAS –  The Portable Microbiological Laboratory

The applicable international guideline ISO 9308-1 is updated recommending now chromogenic coliform agar (CCA) to replace the formerly used culture medium Lactose TTC agar. The TRAWAS laboratory conforms to new guideline DIN EN ISO 9308-1:2014-12.


This kit was developed 1997 in cooperation with Messrs. SARTORIUS AG, Göttingen who provide the media (Nutrient Pads) and filtration equipment. Main components are produced by Messrs. SANDBERG & SCHNEIDEWIND. The TRAWAS kit is unique as we can guarantee stable incubation temperature using a special carrying case which can balance the temperature while connected to the incubator thus ensuring that samples are not overheated during incubation (i.e. at high ambient temperatures) which is essential for the test.




All components are of highest quality (working parts are made of stainless steel) and can be used either in recognized laboratory for every day work or under rough conditions in a remote area. 40 pages Operating Manual - Step by step instructions with illustrations for easy understanding.



The advantages of TRAWAS



We do not use Methanol for sterilization as Methanol is unsuitable for desinfection and toxic when burned (Formalin). Instead we use Ethanol (70%) as a potent virucidal agent.


Quick and time saving sterilization of filtration equipment.





Our filtration equipment is fully made from stainless steel – no wear and tear, no corrosion, unlimited livespan.


Our kit needs no sample preparation –  using SARTORIUS Nutrient pads 100% reproducibility is guaranteed though certified stringend quality control, with a shelf live of up to 2 years !




The TRAWAS kit is temperature balanced – no false results because of high temperatures in tropical climates.


Our kit can be transported during incubation as Petri dishes must always be kept in horizontal position when moistured.



Durable Aluminium Box, inside washable plastic instead of foam (unsuitable for bacteria because of risk of cross contamination).




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